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Security Consulting

If you're in charge of a critical system, you're probably combining outsourced security forces with in-house knowledge. There are many day-to-day security procedures that don't need security gurus, but may require 24-7 manpower at the site. On the other hand, there are times when you're faced with a problem that needs to be analyzed by someone from outside who is a hands-on expert in digital security. So whether you're developing your own web-banking system or you just feel uncomfortable about your users demanding remote access to your internal network, we can show you the security implications and help you find an effective, secure solution.

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It is our business policy not to resell or help selling any security-related or other products. This is our assurance for independent and unbiased consulting - after all, for example, you wouldn't want a firewall reseller consult you on which firewall to choose. When you are confronted with different providers, we can help you see through all their shiny marketing material and dig out the facts that really make a difference for you. We help you reach an informed business decision.