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In over 13 years of existence, ACROS Security has established itself as one of the leading global providers of highest-quality security research. Our customers are mostly global industry players who know that information security is one of the critical foundstones of their business model and cannot afford to be unprepared for inevitable targeted and motivated cyber attacks. We strive to continually satisfy and exceed our customers' highest expectations, which turns most of our new engagements into long-term partnerships.


Reference Projects

It has always been our strategy not to specialize in any particular technology. We're constantly surprising our customers with security defects in desktop or mobile applications, on any operating system, in office devices, network equipment and appliances, complex web applications and online banking systems, anywhere from smartcard applets and web applications to virtualization engines and language interpreters.

Our reference projects include:

  1. Security Analysis of Mozilla Persona
  2. Security Analysis of a virtualization product
  3. Security Analysis of an Online Banking System
  4. Penetration Test of a National Power Supply Agency
  5. Security Analysis of a Cloud "Platform as a Service"
  6. Security Analysis of
  7. Security Analysis of an Online E-Health System
  8. Penetration Test of a Bank Information System
  9. Security Analysis of a Business Social Network
  10. Security Analysis of a Single Sign-On Solution
  11. Security Analysis of a Multi-Function Device
  12. Security Analysis of a Web Browser Synchronized Credentials Storage
  13. Security Analysis of a Mobile SMS Authentication Solution
  14. Security Analysis of a Web Server Authentication Agent
  15. Security Analysis of an Application Interpreter for Mobile Phones
  16. Security Analysis of an Online Market Place
  17. Security Analysis of a Rich Application Platform
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Customer Quotes

One of the best rewards a professional in any field can get is candid, encouraging feedback from a satisfied customer. We get praise for out of the box thinking, the flaws we find, the quality of our deliverables and the depth of our expertise by people like these:

  1. Senior Security Strategist at multi-billion dollar software vendor
  2. Project contact at leading global online company with hundreds of millions of registered users
  3. Director of Security at a leading Platform as a Service provider
  4. CSO at leading software vendor with multi-billion dollar revenue
  5. Project contact at a leading virtualization solutions vendor with multi-billion dollar revenue
  6. Director of Security Assurance at large software company with hundreds of millions of users
  7. Project contact at online service provider with hundreds of millions of users
  8. CSO at leading global online company with hundreds of millions of registered users
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Acknowledgments & Awards

Many of the world's largest software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, VMware, Apple and RSA have fixed vulnerabilities we reported to them and thanked us for helping them keep their users secure. Our researchers have also received"bug bounties" by proactive security vendors.

See some of our acknowledgments and awards.

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. Customer Quotes
. Acknowledgments & Awards